The Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) system is the solution from SAP for processes and functions of warehouse management. The system concept in combination with the usage of new software tools enables a high flexible design of all warehouse processes with standard functionalities.

At the same time, EWM bases on proven structures and strategies of SAP LES and connects the different functionalities of sub modules to a comprehensive system with an impressive range of capabilities. As a decentralised warehouse management system, EWM keeps the needed independence and flexibility and is completely embedded in SAP ERP processes by his integrated organisational structure.

At first EWM was developed for the scope of spare part management, the first users are consequently setted in this business branch. However, through the modular system design, the warehouse processes can be transferred to any other branch. Beside the standard warehouse functionalities EWM supports a set of special processes, like multi-customer functions, Catch Weight Management or Kitting. A particular highlight is the Material Flow System (MFS). At the first time it opens the opportunity to connect automated conveyor and warehouse systems directly to SAP with standard functionalities.