An important aspect in warehouse logistics is grouping goods or products for customers, this is called picking.

EWM allows 1-step or 2-step picking. There is also a way to incorporate the packaging process into the picking process. This procedure called Pick & Pack allows pick into a shipping unit. An extension is Pick, Pack & Pass, a 1-step decentalized picking process where the pick Handling Unit (HU) is placed at a pick-up and drop-off point. Pick, pack & pass allows switching of resources or staff partially completed picking.

In which order warehouse tasks for picking are executed are determined according to various criteria such as the shortest path. As EWM and ERP system are tightly integrated, specifications for batches or batch characteristics are taken into account in picking process.

There are several variations to create warehouse tasks for picking. Warehouse tasks can be created manually. Warehouse tasks can be automatically generated on inbound or outbound delivery as soon as information is received by EWM. The third variation is creation of warehouse task in a wave.