Dock Appointment Scheduling (DAS)

The Dock Appointment Scheduling (DAS) provides numerous functionalities for efficient planning appointments of carriers and suppliers. The system uses master data to display and organize appointment scheduling close to reality. This enables to match advised loading docks and ramps, loading appointments as well as time slots. As central master data the loading point classifies a group of similar loading docks within the warehouse location. The loading point is defined by a unique combination of naming, address data and capacitive characteristics.

The system assigns loading appointments to different suppliers based on setting time slots. These loading appointments can be created either by the Yard Management component of SAP EWM which is a new component of SAP EWM by considering the available storage resources. On the other hand loading appointments can also be realized by an external carrier. Loading appointments are identified by the TU-ID and external reference documents. The graphical planning cockpit enables a clearly structured overview and can easily be accessed by SAP-Web UI or SAP NetWeaver Business Client.

Two operating scenarios are offered in the standard system: Dock Appointment Scheduling can be installed as integrated component within SAP EWM. It is possible to exchange qRFC-Messages with updates between EWM-systems and DAS to create transport activities on the basis of loading appointments in EWM or update loading appointments. Alternatively, the solution can be operated as stand-alone application in case companies do not use SAP EWM system. The functionalities such as Time Slot Planning and Loading Appointment scheduling can be used independently by the EWM-system. The yard manager of the particular warehouse location enables the implementation of one time slot planning for each loading point during a planning period.