Mobile Apps for Modern Logistics

Mobile Apps for Modern Logistics

When digitizing your logistics processes utilizing smart devices for the mobile managing of processes is just the next logical step to improve efficiency and provide employees with an easier handling of the SAP system.

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The Benefits of Using Mobile Apps

The use of SAP Fiori on mobile devices offers potential for logistics far beyond the mobile availability of information and transactions.

After all, smartphones, tablets, and the like are packed with exciting functionalities ranging from GPS to gyroscopes to cameras. Cleverly combined with process data, they can serve as digital design tools to save effort and time and reduce stress.

This is why we are aiming to make SAP applications available via mobile devices – always with consideration for ergonomics and expandability/scalability. Providing these smart device scenarios or mobile apps is much less disruptive than it appears: With the SAP Business Technology Platform, for example, innovative technologies can be integrated without having to change the overall system.

Best Practices for the Various Options

Your Path to a Mobile App

If there is an idea to digitize a logistics process via a mobile device or to add a smart device function to an existing digital operation, there are two ways to the suitable mobile app:

Reference Library

The »SAP Fiori Reference Library« indicates which Fiori apps already exist (for S/4HANA customers). The Reference Library might already provide a fitting Fiori app or a nearly suitable application can be used for customization.

Develop Your Own App

The other approach is to develop a Fiori app yourself. SAP provides developer tools, references, and libraries for this purpose, and there are SAP partners who can advise you on development or work with you on the implementation – for example, prismat! We bring specialized expertise on logistics processes and have a portfolio of already developed and practice-proven Fiori apps.

Develop a mobile app with prismat

An Overview of Our Mobile Apps

This is an excerpt from our portfolio of already developed Fiori apps for various customer requirements in logistics. We can quickly integrate these solutions into your processes or use them as a basis for developing your very own Fiori app.

On one hand, we rely on providing web applications (web apps) in the browser for a use independent of the end device. On the other hand, we can also roll out variants as native apps, for example, for iOS or Android, to incorporate very specific properties or functions of the device. We will be happy to work with you to determine whether a web application or a native app is the more suitable solution based on your requirements.


Recording Empty Containers via Smart Device

  • Direct recording in the customer’s ERP per transport (original customer order)
  • Significant acceleration of the process and thus reduction of throughput times


Route Train Control via App

  • Book and configure route trains
  • Control process during loading of individual wagons as well as loading and unloading at destination stations
  • Management of stored handling units (HUs)


Counting Process for Inventories

  • For product counting during an inventory
  • Use with any device for external assignment or BYOD scenarios (bring your own device)
  • Transfer of inventory orders to the backend upon completion of counting


Digital Proof via Signature

  • Retrieve documents requiring a signature digitally and sign immediately
  • Integrate proof directly into the document
  • Legal validity by storing biometric data (advanced signature)


Proof by Picture

  • Use a smart device, e.g., smartphone, to assign photos to the correct process, such as a quality inspection record or a transport proof
  • Immediate documentation and proof on-site without media breaks


Transport Information and Check-In

  • Provide information and status updates for an ongoing transport: e.g., current position or estimated arrival time
  • Check-in with current data before arrival for even faster processing


Overview of Transport Units

  • Identify transporters on-site via license plate or forwarding company and query details
  • Contact the driver directly if needed, e.g., via call


Control Yard Movements via Mobile

  • System-side control of transports with SAP EWM mobile on-site
  • Perform bookings clearly and quickly
  • Select and rebook transport units on the company premises if needed: e.g., to a parking zone or gate


Directly Resolve Resource Disruptions

  • React immediately to resource disruptions
  • Push notification to the device in case of a disruption
  • Guide users to the disruption site
  • Note for processing and, if necessary, direct reordering of spare parts
  • Usable online and offline

Software Maintenance For prismat Solutions

In addition to our prismat solutions, we offer services for maintenance, support, and provision of further developments.​

Software maintenance includes the following components:

  • provision of available enhancements for the respective prismat solution,
  • support hotline for addressing warranty issues
  • maintenance of the respective prismat solution

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Customer Examples

Here you will find a few examples of the productive use of mobile apps by customers.

If you recognize your own requirements in these scenarios, we would be happy to give you a deeper insight. However, if you are facing entirely different challenges, it is still worth contacting us: we are happy to provide you with further examples and present the latest developments and ideas.

Let’s find a solution together now

A customer from the metal and plastic processing industry uses a Fiori app on mobile data entry (MDE) devices for storing and retrieving handling units (managed via SAP WM). Packing suggestions are displayed on the device to facilitate the packing of HUs.

For a customer in the beverage industry, a Fiori app provides a mobile solution that simplifies and speeds up the recording of empty containers. The recording of empty containers – on the mobile device and thus on-site in the loading area – is done with direct customer allocation and a clear presentation of the products.

A furniture trading company uses a Fiori app for complaint management – specifically, for creating complaint requests and reports as well as warehouse maintenance. The very clear presentation is noteworthy, as all relevant information for all reports (with or without customer reference) can be viewed at a glance.

A leading company in the hair and fashion accessories product segment implements the fast and flexible processing of incoming goods using a Fiori app. A highlight here is the integration of product photos for better clarity.

In the field of discrete manufacturing, a manufacturer of water and pump systems uses the tug-pad and thus the route train control via a Fiori app. In the app, users can create route trains, plan and view their station progress, and manage loading and unloading.

A retail company uses a Fiori app for pricing: offer creation and updates on the device are quick and easy and can be done in the sales area. For price changes, employees only need to select the respective goods via the integrated barcode scanner and then – directly and without detours – change the price.

The prove-pad at the Paulaner Brewery Group

Only available in German

prove-pad Paulaner Brewery

The sign-pad at the Paulaner Brewery Group

Only available in German

Fiori Workshop with prismat

Book your Fiori workshop for the evaluation of mobile apps or directly for the creation of your own in-house Fiori app.

Our experts are happy to advise you on the design and development and discuss the corresponding deployment strategies with you.

Full Service for Your Success

By closely linking consulting, development, and support, we can provide all the services required for the implementation, migration, and maintenance of the SAP solutions for the Digital Supply Chain.

Analyses & Consulting

We identify all factors and interrelationships of your hardware, software, objectives, and process organization.

Based on this, we provide you with options and evaluate them. You will receive recommendations and the next steps either in form of a sizing, basic or spot consultation, as functional and requirement specifications, or as a business blueprint.

Training & Enablement

Be it key users, logistics users or in-house IT: We enable your employees to use SAP applications efficiently.

Thanks to a modular concept, we can adapt training courses to your individual requirements. With the preconfigured cloud system of the prismat/RAKETE, we offer enablement for SAP solutions even before they are deployed, e.g. for an in-depth evaluation.


We are the one-stop shop for the realization of your project from conception to GoLives with proven project methodology, also for international rollouts. Profit from our experiences with all industries, site sizes, and complexity levels.

Our approach of close-to-standard implementation gives you the independence of a configurable and flexible system.

Upgrade & Migration

As part of our services we support or completely realize your SAP migrations, e.g. the merging of systems or the S/4HANA transformation. In addition, we advise you on new features and implement release upgrades for your SAP solutions together with you.

We compile the steps and tools required for your system migration and plan the individual roadmap for your company all while taking the regular operations into account.

AMS & Support

Fast and reliable: Our inhouse support team (based in Germany) is specialized in Application Management Services (AMS) and at your disposal during your desired operating times – at your request even 24/7.

During an implementation project we can involve our AMS experts at a very early stage, so that they will gain an in-depth knowledge of the specific logistics processes and structures at your company, thus providing an ideal support for your regular operations.

Enhancements & Add-ons

We have developed specific solutions to close common gaps in the SAP standard software and to cover frequent customer requirements ranging from improved interfaces for specific transactions to frameworks, etc. We pay close attention to our software developments being configurable for your teams while at the same time your system stays close to the SAP standard.

Our in-house developed solutions can either be utilized as part of the prismat/RAKETE for S/4HANA or used individually for optimizations of your preexisting solution.

Mobile Apps

With ergonomics and sustainability in mind we have made it our mission to make SAP applications accessible via mobile devices. By combining components of the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) with the UX concepts SAP Fiori and SAPUI5, we are able to provide solutions that are quick and easy to use without the need to change the overall system.

But it is not just about having mobile access to your system. We utilize several properties of smartphones, tablets, etc. in our apps, such as cameras or GPS. These functions are incorporated in the solutions with the purpose to streamline your logistics processes.

Embedded KPIs & Insights

We will provide you with a clear overview of the key operational indicators that are important for your day-to-day logistics operations – be it for a large-scale display, e.g. in your warehouse, or on a device for closer examination and in-depth analysis.

All KPIs are consolidated in the SAP Fiori Launchpad with the respective drill-down or process immediately available – for the optimal KPI workflow.

Analytics Dashboards

You will have an easy access to solutions focussing on Business Intelligence – from Smart Insights to Predictive Analytics – via ready-to-use stories and dashboards for the SAP Analytics Cloud.

Combine all of your data sources – be it SAP or non-SAP sources, including Excel – and benefit from forecasts with predictive analytics.

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Our Ex­per­tise for Your Pro­ject

As a spin-off of the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics (IML) in Dortmund, we have been designing and implementing standard SAP solutions for logistics processes for more than 30 years.

Digital Supply Chain

Think your Digital Supply Chain end-to-end with SAP: Bring together your company’s logistics and operational requirements, system requirements, users, collaboration scenarios, and business intelligence.

Warehouse Logistics

Modern warehousing with SAP solutions: Together with you, we realize a future-oriented and flexible Warehouse Management System (WMS) in accordance with our close-to-standard implementation approach.

Warehouse Automation

Technology, software, and people in unity: By utilizing the suitable automation technology you will be able to master major challenges such as staff shortages, rapid scaling, and ergonomic optimizations.

Transport Management

Planning assistant and easy collaboration: Make the most of your transportation management with intelligent tools for freight and route optimization and integrate a data exchange with service providers, e.g. for automating freight tender bids or offering shipment tracking.

Yard Management

Reduce lead times with intelligent yard processes: We will advise you on how to achieve lean and reliable processes and provide support for you to control and manage them.

User Experience

Enjoy ergonomic interactions with your SAP system: Our mobile apps not only improve the user experience, but also add the functionalities of smartphones, etc. to your SAP transactions. Your logistics will benefit from intelligent processes based on the principles of Digital Design.

Analytics & KPIs

Generate operational Key Performance Indicators and prepare datasets for your strategic reporting: With the tools of the SAP portfolio and our know-how, you will be able to combine, visualize, and evaluate your treasure trove of data for short-term decisions as well as long-term strategic planning.