Apart from the two core functional areas accounting (financial accounting, controlling, asset management) and human resources, SAP ERP particularly covers the logistics. The logistical core modules include the Material Management (MM), Sales Department (SD), Product Planning and Control (PP) as well as Quality Management (QM), Preventive Maintenance (PM), Hazardous Materials and Hazardous Goods Management (EH&S) and other modules.

The process areas warehouse management, shipment and transport are covered by the SAP ERP component "Logistics Execution System" (SAP LES). SAP LES was once created of the subcomponent WM (release 2.2f) of the Materials Management (MM) module and has existed under this name since the release 4.5.

As a component of SAP ERP, it combines the most important core functionalities of traditional warehouse management systems. In connection with the shipment application (LE-SHP) it provides the central range of functions of SAP LES in order to support the most important main process – the delivery process.

The submodule "Transport" is the third pillar of SAP LES and forms the link from the shipment area to the customer or also from the supplier to the incoming goods department and therefore completes the processes of the supply chain. The range of functions can be used to control and monitor transportation.