Wave Management

Waves are a way to control material flow in warehouses. Waves have the advantage that inventory tasks are first collected and jointly released at a later time.

These warehouse tasks can be grouped an carried out more effiently as packages by warehouse employees, reducing transport time, extraction time and base time. As a side effect material flow is less distorted. It is for example possible to schedule replenishment so that replenishment is not carried out in peak times of picking to avoid inteferences.

Important criteria for Wave Management are the types of tasks which are grouped together into waves and dates when the waves are released. Both, grouping and releasing of waves can be done automatically in EWM. To automatically assign warehouse tasks to waves, specific criteria from within delivery can be used. For example, all deliveries with destination in southern Europe could be processed in a wave, which is daily released at 10 AM.

Besides the advantage of a complete automatic processing with the usage of waves, it also offers an opportunity to increase efficiency in Picking through optimized merge of multiple deliveries.