Production Supply

The Production Supply processes encompass the activities required for supplying the components to the work centers or machines in the production process.

Depending on the industry, manufacturing process, degree of part variety, etc., the production supply processes differ considerably. For production orders, the basic strategies often encountered are order-related, cross-order and consumption-based supply processes, each of which allows extensive customization. However, different production-supply processes are often applied even within the same company, especially in the case of multi-level production processes or different materials.

Since release 7.0, EWM also supports the various production-supply processes. In addition to classical order-related production supply, EWM also allows mapping of cross-order or consumption-based strategies, e.g. KANBAN. The Supply Area is a central SAP term in the mapping and control of these processes. Supply areas can be used to map different levels of detail in the production supply. Connected work centers can, for example, be grouped and supplied centrally. On the other hand, if a very precise supply is required for an individual work center, e.g. in the case of system-guided setup, materials can be directed to specific stations or grab trays. The production supply can therefore be optimally adapted to the production requirements in any level of detail.