Pick, Pack and Pass

The so-called Pick, Pack and Pass function is a single-stage picking procedure with decentralised picking and static provision. As an extension of the Pick and Pack function, the Pick, Pack and Pass function is based on the principle of passing on the shipment unit. During the picking process, the shipment unit is passed on from activity area to activity area until reaching its actual destination storage bin. In practice, the shipment unit is often passed on using conveyor equipment.

After the shipment unit has been discharged into an activity area, the warehouse worker logged in that area carries out the picking and packing of the shipment unit. If the warehouse clerk has completed his positions, he pushes the shipment unit back onto the conveyor equipment and the unit will move to the next destination.

Pick, Pack and Pass is supported by the components Material Flow System (MFS) and Radio Frequency (RF). The material flow system moves the shipment unit to the next destination using the conveyor equipment. The order picker scans the shipment unit using a mobile device which causes the warehouse tasks to be picked to be displayed. He can then acknowledge them directly via RF.