Material Flow System (MFS)

A growing trend in logistics is the use of automated storage and storage retrieval facilities. Connection of these to SAP has often led to discussions in the past.

Since release 5.1 with Material Flow System (MFS) it is possible to directly connect automatic storage and storage retrieval facilities to SAP and control of those in real-time. Especially regarding standardization and unification of system landscape, EWM with its fully integrated Material Flow System offers a clear added value compared to SAP LES.

Connection of Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) via communication channels and mapping of communication points, conveyor segments or resources can be realized with standard customizing.

Based on the EWM underlying layout-oriented storage control the entire material flow through all automatic components of a warehouse integrates with MFS control. This tight integration makes it possible to transfer all strategies of execution into automatic storage and storage retrieval facilities.

The advantages of this integrated solution are obvious:

  • high level of standardization
  • less interfaces
  • tremendous advantages in regards to maintenance and support

Do have you questions? We will readily answer your questions to Material Flow System and its possibilities.