The consolidation process is closely linked to the picking and is the counterpart of the deconsolidation process in the goods receipt process. Either directly after or even during the picking, the delivery items to be removed from the storage are summarised for the shipping process as far as reasonably practical. For a heterogeneous product portfolio, the stocks for deliveries often need to be picked from different storage types before being brought together in a consolidation area.

In SAP EWM, the consolidation process can be configured via the flexible construct of the warehouse order creation rules. By means of freely definable rules, warehouse tasks can be summarised in warehouse orders according to the corresponding logistical requirements. The consolidation is often accompanied by the challenge of synchronising the stocks to be removed from the different storage sections. In this regard, it is particularly important to optimally organise the stock removal of the materials to be consolidated via the priority control in connection with the resource management.