The prismat philosophy

The prismat philosophy for a successful project realisation is based on three core elements:
•    Lay the foundations
•    Keep it standard
•    Enthuse people

Laying the foundations

Laying the foundations means a lot more than establishing the necessary framework conditions for a project. We want to set the three important keystones for project success at an early stage: transparency, integration and flexibility.
Our idea of a high transparency in the process follows one of the basic principles of logistics: The flow of information should accompany the flow of material. In practice however, it is usual that the flow of material and the flow of information diverge. In a project, we pursue the strategy of making these flows synchronous again by mapping the physical structure and processes in a system. That is how we lay the foundations for a high stock and process transparency.  
With a view to holistic process thinking along the entire supply chain, the integration into complex system environments becomes increasingly important. The integration of new systems requires the taking into account of upstream, downstream and integrated processes and functions in higher-level, subordinate and also parallel systems. We promote a process and system integration by using standard interfaces.
The logistics requirements continuously increase at an increasingly faster pace. The response to new products, legislations and customer requests requires a very flexible system solution. A great flexibility of the system concept design allows a faster implementation of new processes. We ensure the necessary flexibility: We keep it standard.

Keeping it standard

A project is often caught between the individual process requirements of a company and the standard functions that a system provides. Those who chose SAP have a system with an incredibly wide scope of functions and highly flexible design options, alone through its configuration, i.e. without additional programming.
This wide scope and high flexibility offer many advantages for the process design but also have a drawback from an IT point of view: complexity. The implementation of close-to-standard SAP systems requires very extensive knowledge of the complex standard features.
prismat has extensive knowledge of the standard features and is therefore able to keep programming to an absolute minimum in projects. That reduces implementation time and cost and hence the follow-up cost both during operation (maintenance and support) and during future process modifications or release updates.

Enthusing people

Man is the most important success factor for highly automated systems. A key success factor for IT system integration is that the project team, the key users and the employees have been excellently trained. For this demanding task, we have developed our own training method that enables your staff to quickly and efficiently manage and support your tailored system. This training competence has proved successful. We assist you in managing live operations safely and independently yourselves. That saves support and service costs and gives you the operational reliability necessary for logistics.
Besides the project business, we also hold regular seminars at German universities, train the operational staff of large logistic services providers and give SAP EWM training for SAP SE.