SAP solutions for your logistics – implemented close to the standard and future-oriented, just as you are accustomed to from prismat. You receive the realization of your SAP system from us, from the appropriate licensing to the GoLive and even to templates and international rollouts, all from a single source.

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Our Mission: Sustainable SAP Systems

As an experienced development and consulting company specialized in SAP implementations, we support you in the introduction, expansion, or optimization of your SAP logistics solution. Starting with fundamental consulting and a deployment analysis, we lay the foundation for a successful project.

SAP-Standard – For Good Reason

We view standard-compliant implementation as a prerequisite for the continuous development of your solution. Combined with practical training, we pursue this approach with the goal that your in-house teams can independently manage the system. The advantage for your company is that specific configurations can be made independently. Additionally, adhering to the SAP standard simplifies the integration of future functionalities and technologies.

However, the focus on standard-compliant implementation is not the only unique feature of prismat. We have consolidated our best practices across diverse industries into a unique approach…

Our Solution for a Standard-Aligned Implementation

We combine standard processes and process configurations through customization. These processes are tailored and thoroughly tested to meet the operational and ergonomic requirements of warehouse and transportation logistics. If needed, customers can configure additional close-to-standard solution components.

This modular solution spectrum for SAP S/4HANA is named prismat/RAKETE for S/4HANA. It is available at any time as a cloud system for knowledge transfer and prototyping. Process discussions, testing, and training can be conducted even before the start of your implementation project.

Project Acceleration

Avoid recurring errors through documented processes and coordinated methodologies, thereby ensuring optimal project schedules.

Close to Standard and Customized

Standards facilitate collaboration, but they may not cover all requirements. Therefore, with our prismat/RAKETE solution, we have emphasized standard alignment while also being able to create individual solutions through an expandable and flexible process design.

Save Effort, Time, and Costs

Easily shorten the project duration. Thanks to our ready-to-use solution components, you can also save costs and time in development efforts.


Secure Your Investments

Minimize risks by getting to know the validated SAP solutions in the cloud and evaluating them in terms of your project goals before the project even starts.


Engage People

A crucial factor in change management: Give your employees the opportunity to work independently and efficiently through early and sustainable enablement.

End-to-End Perspective

Keep everything under control and create integrated processes in the best possible way through comprehensive SAP integration.

An Overview of Our SAP Solutions

Discover which SAP applications are available for the different areas of supply chain management.

SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM)

Thanks to its integration options and range of functions, SAP Extended Warehouse Management is the most sustainable administrative software for intralogistics. It comes without the effort and release conflicts of external development. SAP EWM is also available as an »Embedded« version in SAP S/4HANA.

SAP Material Flow System (MFS)

SAP EWM Material Flow System (MFS) allows automated warehouse and material handling technology to be integrated and managed directly at the level of programmable logic controllers (PLCs). It is also available as »Embedded« version in SAP S/4HANA with SAP EWM Advanced.

SAP Transportation Management (TM)

SAP Transportation Management offers functions ranging from route planning to cargo space planning and invoicing, tools for assisted optimization as well as integration possibilities with collaboration, yard, and warehouse processes. It is a comprehensive solution for transportation management, also available as »Embedded« version in SAP S/4HANA.

SAP Business Network for Logistics

The B2B collaboration platform SAP Business Network holds a vast variety of functions for Logistics Collaboration which transform the linear supply chain into a collaborative logistics network. Thanks to flexible cloud scenarios and modular integration options, you can adjust and expand these benefits to tailor them to your business.


With the new ERP generation SAP S/4HANA and its simplified data model in combination with the SAP HANA in-memory database, SAP has succeeded in creating an incredibly high-performance mainstay for future-proof business processes – transparent, in real-time, and complemented by intelligent cloud, UI, and analytics components.

SAP Fiori

This new UI and UX concept for SAP applications is based on modern and user-friendly design principles. With the SAP Fiori Launchpad all your applications are available at a glance thanks to clearly arranged tiles with a preview function (e.g. for key performance indicators). It also provides a role-based and personalized access.

SAP Analytics Cloud

Quick and easy access to comprehensive analyses – regardless of system landscape and data sources. With SAP Analytics Cloud, we meet your requirements for analytics and business intelligence. Benefit from real-time visualizations and dashboards as well as predictive features for your reporting and simulations.

SAP Expert

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We want to share our enthusiasm and expertise on SAP solutions in logistics. Therefore, we offer free webinars several times throughout the year in which we present our solution approaches and are happy to answer your questions. Please note that in the foreseeable future, we have scheduled only webinars held in German. If you are interested in a webinar or presentation in the English language, feel free to tell us via contact form.

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Receive a personal consultation with our experts: We meet you at the current stage of your project and provide guidance on the next steps. We would gladly give you an initial assessment of your requirements and present you with suitable solution approaches.

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Full Service for Your Success

By closely linking consulting, development, and support, we can provide all the services required for the implementation, migration, and maintenance of the SAP solutions for the Digital Supply Chain.

Analyses & Consulting

We identify all factors and interrelationships of your hardware, software, objectives, and process organization.

Based on this, we provide you with options and evaluate them. You will receive recommendations and the next steps either in form of a sizing, basic or spot consultation, as functional and requirement specifications, or as a business blueprint.

Training & Enablement

Be it key users, logistics users or in-house IT: We enable your employees to use SAP applications efficiently.

Thanks to a modular concept, we can adapt training courses to your individual requirements. With the preconfigured cloud system of the prismat/RAKETE, we offer enablement for SAP solutions even before they are deployed, e.g. for an in-depth evaluation.


We are the one-stop shop for the realization of your project from conception to GoLives with proven project methodology, also for international rollouts. Profit from our experiences with all industries, site sizes, and complexity levels.

Our approach of close-to-standard implementation gives you the independence of a configurable and flexible system.

Upgrade & Migration

As part of our services we support or completely realize your SAP migrations, e.g. the merging of systems or the S/4HANA transformation. In addition, we advise you on new features and implement release upgrades for your SAP solutions together with you.

We compile the steps and tools required for your system migration and plan the individual roadmap for your company all while taking the regular operations into account.

AMS & Support

Fast and reliable: Our inhouse support team (based in Germany) is specialized in Application Management Services (AMS) and at your disposal during your desired operating times – at your request even 24/7.

During an implementation project we can involve our AMS experts at a very early stage, so that they will gain an in-depth knowledge of the specific logistics processes and structures at your company, thus providing an ideal support for your regular operations.

Enhancements & Add-ons

We have developed specific solutions to close common gaps in the SAP standard software and to cover frequent customer requirements ranging from improved interfaces for specific transactions to frameworks, etc. We pay close attention to our software developments being configurable for your teams while at the same time your system stays close to the SAP standard.

Our in-house developed solutions can either be utilized as part of the prismat/RAKETE for S/4HANA or used individually for optimizations of your preexisting solution.

Mobile Apps

With ergonomics and sustainability in mind we have made it our mission to make SAP applications accessible via mobile devices. By combining components of the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) with the UX concepts SAP Fiori and SAPUI5, we are able to provide solutions that are quick and easy to use without the need to change the overall system.

But it is not just about having mobile access to your system. We utilize several properties of smartphones, tablets, etc. in our apps, such as cameras or GPS. These functions are incorporated in the solutions with the purpose to streamline your logistics processes.

Embedded KPIs & Insights

We will provide you with a clear overview of the key operational indicators that are important for your day-to-day logistics operations – be it for a large-scale display, e.g. in your warehouse, or on a device for closer examination and in-depth analysis.

All KPIs are consolidated in the SAP Fiori Launchpad with the respective drill-down or process immediately available – for the optimal KPI workflow.

Analytics Dashboards

You will have an easy access to solutions focussing on Business Intelligence – from Smart Insights to Predictive Analytics – via ready-to-use stories and dashboards for the SAP Analytics Cloud.

Combine all of your data sources – be it SAP or non-SAP sources, including Excel – and benefit from forecasts with predictive analytics.